We drank the Kool-Aid!!!

People! I write to you today with a smile on my face. We, finally, have started releasing new music after leaving our friends and fans in the dark for the longest time. I’m quite certain we owe you an explanation, so here goes nothing…

2 years ago, we embarked on what we thought was going to be a game changing tour. We had just finished recording our very first record set to be released right away. Fresh with a brand new record deal, it felt like for the first time in many years of blood sweat and tears, the stars were aligning. Our dreams were finally coming to fruition; A record deal with Gene Simmons; the largest record company in the world along with support from one of the most powerful families in Canada. It only took one straw to break the camels back, set us back two years, and clean out all of our bank accounts….

We brought on a label partner in America and flew their executives up to see The Envy at a special showcase in Montreal. After the show, they confirmed they were 100% behind us and ready for release… We went on tour, as bands do, and continued to spend our “New Record” marketing budget playing as many shows as we could. Lets be clear, it is NOT cheap being an opening band, you’re lucky if the headliner pays you 100 bucks a show. Needless to say, we built up quite a tab with our label. Nearing the end of tour, we were in North Bay, Ontario and received a call…. Our American label partner had decided they were not going to release the record until they heard some more songs. 110 percent behind the band, but 0 percent behind the first single. Gulp…. we swallowed our pride. Not a problem, we’ll go home and write a couple more songs. It should only take a month and we’ll be right back on track.

To be very clear…. We love each and every person that we work with. The flaws in this business aren’t with the people, but the system in which music is released through Major Record Companies. We have nothing but love and respect for Gene Simmons, who has been the rock we could count on throughout this process. Within the first six months, we turned in 12 new song ideas. Nothing happened…. Within the next 6 months, 12-15 more. Each time we turned in a track, we became more and more confused and frustrated as to why we would get no response. Through all of the miscommunications, market research strategies and plain old misunderstandings, we weren’t able to get the Label to release our music. We had become a red ink spot on the record companies year end accounting statement, which made us look to them like a failing act even though we had never properly released an album. Momentum lost…

How do you lose the game without playing? If you’d like an idea of how ridiculous this business is, the first song we turned in when this whole mess started was ‘Moth to the Flame’! No one blinked an eye, until recently. It turns out the people at these companies are actually 100% behind the song. We realize now that this whole situation is completely our fault. We never should have relinquished the power over our own art. We should never have expected anyone, no matter how powerful, to be able to make our career ‘happen’ for us. We had to make a change…. FOREVER!!! We were going to play by our own rules….

6 months ago Void, Izzy, Jonny and I decided that it was time to take the power back. No more outside opinions, no more producers, no more suits, demons, and execs placing ideas in our heads. We would take all the material we had written over the last two years and get it to our fans the way we wanted it to look, sound, and feel. We scraped together what we could, bought a camera. We built a studio (The Stable) in the coach house behind where we live. Unless otherwise marked, everything that you will see and hear from us has been produced, directed, and paid for by us.

The first releases that are coming to you are split up into 2 EP’s. Deception is a collection of songs that we wrote during some of the darker times over the past year. We really had lost our voice, and our connection to the outside world. Unable to share what we were feeling, due to our vow of secrecy and promise to protect “the MAN’s” interests and reputation, we put a lot of our frustration and feelings into the songs on ‘Deception’. The second EP will be coming out later this summer…. Conception. It is focused on the rebirth of The Envy.

In closing, I want to thank you all for being so unbelievably patient and not forgetting about us. We weren’t able to give you any straight answers until now. It will always be an uphill battle for our band. We have learned every lesson and made every mistake known to mankind. Most importantly, we need your support now more than ever. We will be releasing a video for every song on Deception. Each and every one of you can be part of this rebirth by clicking the share button, calling your local rock radio station, telling your friends and family, tweeting, commenting, and blogging… There is no record label marketing plan that is as strong as your voices, not by a long shot. We have every bit of faith in you, our best friends and fans. Let’s do this together and show the world that it’s time for Deception!!!

We’d love to share more stories with you, so just ask. We answer all of our friends’ and fans’ messages ourselves. There is no team working behind the scenes…. You get us. The Envy!

All the love we’ve got
Shaun Frank